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Today in Australia, four women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer – and three will die from the disease. That’s one woman lost every 8 hours.

ref Ovarian Cancer Australia – ovariancancer.net.au


Breast and ovarian cancers rob us of far too many of our strong and healthy women every year.
We are determined to change this narrative and to stop these devastating diseases from taking our mothers, daughters and sisters.

Our vision is to help crack the BRCA code and work towards a preventative – permanent – solution for breast and ovarian cancers.


Driven by personal experience, our mission is to help deliver real medical solutions to ensure quality and longevity of life for those impacted directly or indirectly by breast and ovarian cancers.

By helping to accelerate scientific processes, raise awareness, and provide access to information and testing, we are one step closer to ensuring survival. We are two sisters on a mission to change the cancer ‘story’ permanently.


When it comes to health, we know that knowledge is power. So we are focused on supporting some of the world’s brightest minds to help them achieve faster and better results – and to harness that power.

We are committed to helping how we can; raising vital funds for essential, innovative BRCA research. We will continue to raise awareness, and champion access to testing and education which really can save lives.

A strong business infrastructure ensures our funding is used in an effective and transparent way, but we want do things differently. Break the traditional fundraising model. Our mission is serious, but we plan to have fun in the process.


Our goal to raise $5m over 5 years is well underway with close to $2m already provided to our chosen research partners.

Despite the many challenges presented by COVID, we will remain nimble, flexible and creative in keeping this momentum. Our focus is to build on past success with targeted, effective platforms to engage, educate, fundraise and celebrate sisterhood.


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