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We are two sisters, Ellie Rogers and Lisa Bardas – businesswomen, mothers, partners, travellers, philanthropists – and survivors.

After losing our mum over a decade ago to cancer, both our lives have been cruelly impacted by our own health battles – with positive diagnoses of the BRCA1 gene mutation, with cancer and gruelling treatments, multiple invasive, preventative surgeries and with ongoing complications. It’s an experience we wish no one had to go through.

While our story is a personal one, cancer is universal. At present, 1 in every 7 women will develop breast cancer in her lifetime, and 1 in 85 will develop ovarian cancer. A woman who carries the BRCA gene mutation has a 7 in 10 chance of developing breast cancer (70% chance) and a 4 in 10 chance of developing ovarian cancer (40% chance). The odds are not in her favour.

BRCA noun (bra-ka): Either of two tumour suppressor genes that in mutated form are associated with an increased risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

We set up the Two Sisters Foundation determined to change the narrative for women everywhere whose lives are impacted by this insidious disease. To do this, we are focused on raising vital funds to support the brightest minds in medical research to accelerate important medical discoveries to achieve faster and better results.

We believe our superpower is our sisterhood. And that’s not just the two of us – but more broadly – our mothers, daughters, sisters, best friends and our communities. Personal experience has taught us that together we are stronger. Together we can face anything. We are Two Sisters on a mission to change the ‘cancer story’ permanently.

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