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Lisa Barbas

Founder / Director

Lisa is a health coach. An adventurer. A businesswoman. A mother. A survivor.

A keen skier and outdoor explorer, Lisa’s background is centred around an active enjoyment of life that led to working on a ski patrol and as a tail guide for a heli-skiing operation in the Canadian mountains for 5 years. During this period, she completed a course in Adventure Tourism; later setting up a snow mobiling business and working for various outdoor adventure tourism companies.

With a lifelong passion for health and well-being, Lisa returned to Australia and enjoyed a career in health sciences, rehabilitation and nutrition for more than 15 years. After ongoing studies in Remedial Therapies, Nutrition and Life Coaching, Lisa has worked in hyperbaric chamber clinics and pilates studios offering soft tissue and remedial therapies, and travelled with a variety of elite athletes, providing treatment during their touring competitions. Lisa focused on Health Coaching, working with one-on-one clients and running health workshops for corporates.

Today Lisa is a Director of the family office, responsible for managing a diverse portfolio of public and private sector investments and helping to shape a strategy centred around socially responsible outcomes and ESG principles.

As a devoted mum to Max and Noah, Lisa’s commitment to good health and vitality are anchored at home and shared with all those around her.