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Daniel Minihan

Advisor, secretary

Daniel is a Director of Australian Mid-Tier Accounting firm SW Australia, a Chartered Accountant and one of the designated Responsible Persons for the Foundation.

As a Partner with over 20 years of experience, he brings a diverse background in accounting, advisory and financial services and strong credentials in Philanthropy and Not for Profits. Daniel is currently the Executive Chairman and Responsible Person of the Geoff and Helen Handbury Foundation, the Secretary and Responsible Person of the Windermere Foundation and the Estate of Edward Wilson, Australia’s oldest Philanthropic Institution, and a Trustee of The Florence and Melville Hughes Trust and The Luca Miraglia Foundation.

Daniel also works as a Program Advisor to the Collingwood Youth Development Initiative, a basketball led program that provides academic, life skills and vocational training and opportunities to migrant youth in Melbourne’s inner-city public housing estates.